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Items you must not carry in baggage
You must not carry the following in your baggage (whether as checked baggage or unchecked baggage).
- items you are forbidden from carrying by law;
- items likely to put the aircraft or people or property on board the aircraft in danger. These include the items shown in the ‘International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air’ and the ‘International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations”.
- items which we reasonably consider unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous‚ unsafe‚ too heavy‚ too big‚ fragile or perishable or because of their shape or character. In deciding if items are unsuitable for carriage‚ we will take account of the type of aircraft being used. If we discover that you are carrying forbidden items‚ we will refuse to carry them. Please ask us or our authorised agents for information about forbidden items if you need it.
On some of our services we do not carry firearms and ammunition. On services where we do carry firearms and ammunition‚ we may charge a fee. Firearms are not carried as part of your baggage allowance.
- If you want us to carry firearms and ammunition‚ including sporting guns or ammunition‚ you must get our permission before you check-in. If you do not‚ we may decide not to carry them.
- If you are travelling on a service where we carry firearms and you want us to carry sporting guns or ammunition‚ you must let us know before you check-in. If you do not‚ we may decide not to carry them.
- All firearms and ammunition must be carried as checked baggage and we will not allow you to take them into the aircraft cabin.
- All firearms carried as checked baggage must be unloaded‚ have the safety catch on and be suitably packed in a secure‚ locked carrier. NO more than 5kg ammunition is permitted.
- Carrying firearms and ammunition is covered by the ICAO Technical Instruction and IATA Regulations referred to above.
- You must make sure that you have all the documents you need for firearms and ammunition. If you do not‚ we may decide not to carry them and you will be responsible for any and all costs arising to arrange alternative transportation for them.
- Please download and complete the Firearms/ Ammunition in baggage form.
Dangerous items you must not take with you on to the plane
You must not take any item into the aircraft cabin if we tell you that we reasonably believe that its presence there would affect the safety and security of the aircraft or any person in it. You must not take any item into the aircraft cabin which you are forbidden from taking into the aircraft cabin by law. You must not take swords; replica‚ toy or antique guns; knives; archery bows; arrows or similar weapons into the aircraft cabin. Please note that ceremonial items such as a Skean Dhu are classed as dangerous items which cannot be carried on your person or in hand baggage. We may either tell you to check in items referred to above as checked baggage or refuse to carry them altogether. This may vary by aircraft type in view of the cabin and baggage hold layout on each type. If you are intending to carry such items‚ we strongly recommend that you check with us before travelling. In any event‚ where we refuse to carry such items‚ we will have no responsibility for them whatsoever.
Click here to read our full Dangerous Goods Policy.